Some "Psycho-Babble" Shit

I found this photo and thought it was interesting.
As a psychologist-in-training and in the process of my studies, I can NOW explain what this means besides being a photo on the social media feed lol. 
What it says on the photo above is actually true.
This is known as Top-down Processing. In top-down processing, perception is guided by higher-level knowledge, experience, expectations, and motivations.
You were able to figure out what the paper said with the missing letters because of your prior reading experience and because written english contains redundancies.
(redundancy is a reptition in language or excessive wordiness)
IN OTHER WORDS, not every letter of each word is necessary to decode its meaning so we're able to read!
Th-aks f-r rea-dg! LOL :)

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Jervis said...

awesome!!!!!, I like how you explained it,very dope. thanks for visiting my page gorgeous