My late night WATERBUG Story

EVERYONE has come across a water bug once or twice in their life. But I've NEVER had an encounter with a water bug until TONIGHT! And it happened to me PREGNANT! Yes 8 months pregnant lmao!

So i'm watching my late night cartoons (Invader Zim to be exact) and I see something scurry across my floor. At first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me or a piece of lint because you know you're kind of blind and confused in the middle of the night LOL

BUT I look again and there HE IS!!! A HUGE freaking water bug on my floor. Everyone knows that I love and had pet turtles.... and even lab mice BUT I HATE BUGS! Like even thinking about this shit creeps me out LOL

I wanted to run but since it was 2:30 in the morning. I didn't want to wake my grandma or little brothers because I know they would have tried to kill me for waking them up for just a bug LMAO.

So, this huge bug was just sitting in the middle room, testing me and looking like he wanted to fight. I took off my slippers, threw them at him, and he ran BEHIND my dresser to hide. At that POINT i'm thinking this piece of shit has to DIE because I am too paranoid to go back to sleep and I don't want his wife and kids to come in my room and try to help him. Furthermore, I know them shits fly so I didn't want him flying around trying to kill me. Sleeping was NOT an option HE HAD TO GO!

I immediately got into war mode. I went in the kitchen grabbed the bug spray and waited on my bed for him to come out. After like 20 minutes when he finally did, he ran in the corner so I couldn't reach him. I'm like OHHH so you're a smart fucking bug HUH??! He ran towards me and I sprayed him but he still didn't die and ran UNDER my BED!

YUP it was time to call reinforcements in haha. I woke up my little brother and even though this kid looked at me with an expression of "BITCH ARE YOU CRAZY?" he realized I was a pregnant damsel in distress (yes pregnant!) so he came to help LOL.

AFTER about 30mins of waiting and searching for the damn water bug, my brother finally found him UNDER MY BED on his back DEAD. The spray must have killed him but I guess it had to take a while to kick in. After my brother stomped him out a few times, he flushed him down the toilet and that was the end of that.

And that's my WATERBUG STORY LMAO. All truth here!


Auron Jones said...

That's funny because the same thing happened to me a day or so ago right around the same time at 3am, seeing a waterbug only I didn't kill it alone I dead ass woke up my grandmother !!!

amgates said...

I think my waterbugs sense my fear the fuckers will actually run towards me