Immediately after I had my son in August 2012, I continued with college by taking my fall classes online because I thought I could handle a newborn baby and a full time fall class schedule. I soon realized that it was too hard juggling the two, so I ended up dropping ALL of my classes. As a result, my GPA lowered significantly which caused me to lose my Grant, and I fell behind a whole semester from graduating.

Yeah it was an ugly and hard situation for me to deal with but if anyone asked me to pick between raising my newborn son or taking a break from school, I would tell school to kiss my ASS because my son comes first LOL. But seriously, although my son is my first priority, finishing college is second because obtaining my degree and having a steady career will ensure that he'll never NEED anything.

When the Spring 2013 semester started, I had no grant money to pay for school so I had to pay $1,500 cash out of pocket for 2 MEASLY classes. Even though I need way more classes, it was all I could afford from taxes and needed to take classes to get my GPA back up to gain my Grant back.

AND FINALLY THE GOOD NEWS....I passed both classes with A's and lo behold, received my Grant back for the Fall 2013 semester!

The point of my little anecdote here is that I'd be willing to sacrifice and go through anything for my son to ensure that he gets a great life. If you really want to do something, nothing should stop you from succeeding and reaching your goal. GO FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO AND WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART'S DESIRES. If no one else is behind you, i'm completely behind you 100%! :)

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