Do you lie about your sexual partner history?

"How many people have you had sex with?"

Here's a question we've all been asked. So how do YOU answer it? Do you tell the truth and give the exact number of people you've slept with? Or do you LIE and give a lower number to avoid being judged?

Since this is my area of expertise lol, I have a little secret for you: 
NEVER LIE ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL PARTNER HISTORY. If you are over the age of 21, the other person shouldn't care about what that number is. And unless your answer is over 500 or some shit like that, you shouldn't be ashamed about it either. UNDER 500 assuming that you aren't a pornstar, escort, or over 60 years old lmao. 

When i'm dating and getting to know guy and he appropriately asks me how many people i've slept with in an appropriate setting, i'm perfectly honest about my number because I have no shame in my game. I'm a grown woman and I respect myself so I have no need to lie.

Furthermore, you should always be honest in all aspects anyway. Especially if you're dating someone with the intentions to have a relationship. If you start out the relationship with one lie, you're bound to just keep lying and a relationship based on lies is bound to end.

So if the question about how many sexual partners you've ever had comes up, just be honest about your number! If someone is really into you, they'll still want to be with you no matter what. And if you're the one asking. Don't ask anything you really don't want the honest answer to. Seriously. Trust me on this. LOL. 

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