The "Honeymoon Stage"

One thing that we can all agree on is that we all love a new relationship. There's nothing more refreshing than the beginning of a relationship where you start fresh, meet someone new, and hit it off. We refer this as the "honeymoon stage" in a relationship.

Phone conversations go on for hours because you have everything in the world to talk about. Getting to know one another and finding out interesting facts that you have in common seems like the greatest thing ever. You hang out, have so much fun, and hope that the day never ends. You text each other sweet and flirty words every minute in the day. Your first kiss is beautiful and its as if fireworks go off in the sky. You have that first episode of passionate sex that seems like heaven on earth. Laying in bed together talking about everything from funny to serious to stupid stuff and not realizing that hours have gone by. You can't stop thinking of that person and every time you do, a cheesy smile comes across your face. And finally the feelings of "like" that you have for that person begins to grow into "love". But nothing is better than finding out that this person feels the exact same way about you. 

Remembering and holding on to these type of feelings and events that occur in our life, should keep us all passionate and optimistic about finding fresh love or BETTER YET, keeping current love fresh.

Experiencing someone brand new in a relationship is one of the most wonderful feelings to have. However, nothing is constant and in time, those feelings may start to fade with that person. But as long as you re-create what you once had and think back to what made you have those feelings in the first place, you'll have ever lasting freshness in a relationship forever.

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