Support, Support, Support

I brought my Macbook out with me to my friend's house and got the sudden inspiration to write....

Support defined in the dictionary is "to hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping".

But what exactly is support without the fancy definition?? To what extent when taking care of someone IS support and not meant as "babying or coddling" them??

How far do you have to fall, sink or slip for someone to support you or for you to accept support??

MOST people (including myself) try to survive and make it without support. You can struggle and be on your last dollar and still won't seek or accept help & support. Why is that? The first reason is PRIDE. Feeling like an inconvenience to anyone's time or pocket is the absolute worst feeling. Second reason is not feeling like you owe anyone or them holding stuff over your head because they helped you. Horrible.

But the fact of the matter is everyone needs help and support at some point in their life. Whether its emotionally, financially, or physically. Or from a family member, spouse, or friend. A person will never get to the "TOP" or anywhere without the help from someone else.

YEAHHH I know what you're thinking. "Hell no i did it all by myself"or "I know someone who did it all by their self". Yeah well that thought is bullshit. If you can think of at least ONE person who held you while you were crying, let you borrow a dollar when you were broke, baby sat your kids while you were at work, and the list goes on......then you received support.

Support turns into "babying or coddling" when the person you 're supporting isn't bettering them self or their life in any way. For example, if I help you out by letting you stay in my house and lend you money and 2 weeks go by and you still DIDN'T DO ANYTHING since you've been here, then you gotta go. But if i see a positive progression and productivity then by all means you're welcome to stay!

NO ONE likes a lazy ass or someone who is going to abuse your support and take advantage of your kindness.

A personal example: Before i gave birth to my son, i was very independent. I had two jobs and was going to college full time and even received my Associates Degree and started my third college year toward my B.A. But after i gave birth to my son i made the decision to stop working because i was directly breast feeding and didn't want my infant son in a daycare so young. I wanted to stay in college full time and be a full time mom so i could finish faster and give my son a better life indefinitely before he turns 2. Its tough as hell because a lot of what i wanted to do, i couldn't. However, the bigger picture is my B.A i'm receiving will give my son a better and great life!

"The short term struggle may be tough as rocks, but the long term goal will be prosperous as gold."

"Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after." 
-William Shakespeare 

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