Oh how I love and am an advocate for the wonderful world of sexting! Lol
We've all done it. Most of us love it. And as long as we have cell phones it will never go away.

What's horrible is when we hear about "sexting", negativity usually follows. ESPECIALLY after all of these celebrity, political, and teenage sexting scandals smh. People ruined what used to be a fun and exciting activity and turned into an illegal offense. Just horrible.

I think the reason sexting is controversial and seen as something negative is because its been made that way by stupid people. It needs to be done responsibly. If you decide you want to send nude pics, always remember that there may be a chance it will be shared with the world so decide SMART for yourself! Even though people need to learn to keep shit private, there will always be an asshole and the internet. (Once something is posted it can never be taken back....just ask Kim Kardashian)

But in all reality (and with responsibility) sexting is actually really great! Say you're involved with someone special, it can liven and spice up regular ol' everyday texting. Particularly when they are away from you for long periods of time (assuming it's a non-cheating relationship lol).

There is nothing like sitting at your desk, or watching TV, or laying down in your bed at night, or even hanging out with your friends...and you receive that sexy text from your boo! It's an awesome feeling. And when it's unexpected, is an even better feeling!

It's also fun when you want to express something nice and hot. Whether it may be a sex position you've always wanted to do but feel weird talking about it directly to them. Or you're sitting at the table on a date and want to get them worked up before going back to the house. Or even being in the mood to be a big flirty tease and want to start up a convo with them! Whew ;-)

The best part of it all is when you and your partner are sexting and one of you say something corny or stupid and mess up the whole mood but could just laugh about it afterward! LOL I myself experienced a few sexting fuck ups and it can be a hilarious story to tell.

Like I said Sexting is fun and exciting. You can learn a lot from the other person through it too. I personally love to do it as well.

Anyway, sext responsibly.

I found some hilarious "sexting gone wrong" pics on google. Check em out below!

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