List your happiness

I was flipping through my Flipboard 2 weeks ago and I came across this article in Glamour magazine. As you can see from the pic, studies show that writing something that makes you happy EVERY DAY will make you happier and improve your psychological well-being.
Being the skeptic that I am (my major is psych doesn't help it at all) lol, I thought let me try this for a week to see if it works...and it does! No bull!
But the way i've been doing it is kinda different. On paper, I write a list of only 5 things that make me happy then I put it in a huge jar by my bed. And I always do it before I go to sleep so I can reflect what happened on that particular day that made me happy.
It definitely works because in the midst of all my stresses, sometimes I forget to smile and think about what actually makes me happy. We all do it and it sucks right!?
So I highly recommend this. I mean hey it won't hurt to try! ^_^
P.S my son always takes up one number on my list each day! Lol :-)

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