Kay's APPROACH Theory

^^^ IDK who drew this picture (a male I assume) but i thought it was so cute and it matched my topic perfectly! Kudos to whoever you are :-)

Living in a world full of billions of women and men, people meet every single day through an "approach". Especially in New York City where you see thousands of different faces every day. What's an "Approach"? An approach is going up to someone and introducing yourself with the hopes of getting their contact info. But what really entails an approach? 

Growing up and living in NYC pretty much all my life, I spent years of seeing approaches occur with other people and of course experiencing it MYSELF. Trains. Buses. Walking. The possibilities are endless. So I became a pro at this subject lmao. Seriously. 

1. Over the last decade and more than ever, women have begun to take control in an approach. According to my grandma growing up, she said it was absurd and very unlikely that a woman talk to a man first. The woman would have to wait for the guy to approach her first. We all know how much this changed! NOW a lot of woman aren't afraid or held back to talk to anyone they're interested in and attracted to at all. Including myself. If I see something I want, I go for it...(in all aspects of life)

2. IDK about other cities and countries but in NYC, men are very aggressive and persistent in their approach! When they see someone they want, they go for them instantly. Respectfully or not. And if a woman isn't interested and turns the guy down, a lot of the times the guy will keep bothering her. Sometimes even curse her out! My advice to those men? There's plenty of other women in this world, just move on to the next one.

3. Women tend to play "hard to get". Don't ask me why because even as a woman, I honestly don't know smh lmao. Maybe it's the attention, maybe it's because we like to see men beg, or maybe we like the control. But whatever it is, I agree that there needs to be less playing. If you're interested in the guy approaching you or vice versa, entertain it! Don't dance in circles.

4. If you are approaching someone else, remain calm and casual. If you look and feel nervous the other person is going to sense it and may not even talk to you. You'll come off as an uncomfortable weirdo lol.

5. Don't try to get to know the other person's whole life story in one sitting. I can't tell you how many times men approached me and asked like 30 questions. Total turn off. It doesn't leave me curious about you when you leave and you come off as a nosy private investigator. Just ask simple things like name, age, how's their day, or if they work or go to school. Questions that'll make you want to learn more. Small talk!

6. Be honest!!! If you're single say so. If you're not single say so. It may be tempting to tell an attractive person who's approaching you and vice versa that you are single but you're only fucking over yourself and everyone else involved. They'll find out trust me. 

7. Finally, despite what anyone says an approach means that person is PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU! Think about it. When someone first sees you, they don't know that you're nice, sweet, or have a 6 figure salary with an extensive educational background. All they see is your face and body. So it is perfectly fine to be flattered. Moreover, don't mention that they're just into your looks and body. Well DUH! What else do you think two people see when they first meet?

That's it for MY "APPROACH THEORY". I'm still adding on to it with new experiences and conclusions so stay tuned! :)

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