Bare vs Hair...Down there

Bare vs. Hair...down there! The wonderful decision women face at some point in their life.
Fortunately I was faced with that decision when I turned 20 and i'm glad I made the decision to stay bare down there....and everywhere! Lmao
I understand that some women don't want to get a Brazilian wax and go bare down there because they don't want to feel like their "womenhood" is being taken away and feel like a litle girl again but I think that is too far fetch. I mean c'mon you should be completely confident that you're a grown, sexy woman and "bare hair" shouldn't define that. But I completely understand why some women decide to keep their hair down there. Shit i've kept it for 20 years of my life! But after I turned 20 and got the courage to finally get my first Brazilian wax, I vowed to never go back to hair! (If I can help it) Lol
I think most women should at least try to do it once in their life. Whether it may be when they turn 21 or on their wedding or honeymoon night. But most don't do it because they're scared. Ladies suck it up we go through childbirth for goodness sake! So I devised some "Bare" facts:

1. Don't let anyone tell you that waxing your vagina doesn't hurt because trust me it does! But I will say it doesn't hurt more than childbirth :-) lmao
2. Brazilian wax generally means it ALL comes off but you dont have to take it all off. You can get a cute landing strip or design at the top.
3. Your hair won't grow back until like 4-5 weeks later so yes it lasts way longer than shaving.
4. The more you get it done, less hair grows back every time.
5. The more you get it done, the less painful it gets every time too.
6. No razor cuts, burns, or bumps!
7. It's totally hygienic and reduces the risk of infection and odor...who can argue with that!?
8. Increases more and better orgasms. (I am an advocate for this trust me lmao)
9. It looks sexier and erotic to most men. Plus they don't have to "look for it" when doing the do us women love.
10. And finally, when it's done it looks pretty. You'll feel so much more confident and free!

So woman, surprise your boo or surprise yourself and go get a brazilian wax. Bare is Better! Thank me later ;-)

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