6 Bathroom Selfie Rules

In our culture of Social Media and Technology, Bathroom Selfies have become the staple location of photo taking! LOL. I think like 50% of my photos on my Instagram are selfies and i'm damn proud of it :)

HOWEVER. There are a few rules to follow when you are taking a picture in the bathroom because i'm sure we've all seen some crazy bathroom pictures before lol smh. The rules include:

1) Please make sure the entire bathroom is CLEAN!!! That means no toilet paper hanging around, toilet flushed, and close the shower curtain.

2) Make sure there aren't any underwear's, bras, or any type of undergarments in the background of your photo.

3) Make sure the mirror you're taking the picture in, is clean! Some girl posted a bathroom selfie and her mirror had splattered toothpaste on it so it looked like her face had a bunch of white stuff on it. Yuck lol

4) Make sure there aren't any kids in the background of your picture. LOL I won't even explain this one. Just don't do it.

5) Make sure your bathroom has enough light. It'll make your picture look better.

6) SMILE! That's why it's a bathroom selfie! :)

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