8 Signs a Guy may like a Woman

I was reading Glamour magazine a couple of days ago and the article I read was about Actor Miles Teller sharing 4 signs of how to tell when a guy really likes you and wants to get serious. Well I agree with his points, but I feel like there's way more that he didn't share. His were:

1. He holds your hand around his friends and in public. 
2. He lets you "borrow" a sweatshirt. The logic behind this one is that he'll have another chance to see you to "get it back".
3. He calls you and talks to you on the phone often. I think this one is big because these days, talking on the phone is rare. Everyone texts. So phone calls may show extreme interest and sincerity. 
4. He wants you to hang out with his friends and he wants to hang out with yours.

Now the signs that he didn't share that I feel are important as well (besides the physical obvious signs):

1. He often looks into your eyes.
2. He hangs out with you often and is not in any rush to have sex even if the opportunity arises.
3. He has interest in meeting your family and you meeting his. 
4. He smiles and laughs a lot when he's with you.
5. He's genuinely interested in your hobbies and what YOU like. 
6. He takes the initiative in planning dates. This is a huge sign that he actually wants to see you and spend quality time.
7. I place emphasis on Miles's #3 above! If a guy takes several times out of his day to call you, may show extreme like.
8. And finally, if you're confused or don't know if he likes you, just ask! You may be surprised by the results :-)

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