Relationships is like Jewelry. How? Read it Here.

When you walk into a jewelry shop, there is jewelry everywhere you look! The shiny and beautiful colors make you want to buy everything in sight... I know that happens to me LOL. But do you REALLY know which jewelry piece is real and which is fake??? NOPE. You rely on and trust that the jewelry seller is telling you the truth.

So you buy your jewelry, you take it home, and you're pretty confident about your purchase. UNTIL UH-OH! Many weeks later, that 14kt gold ring you bought is changing colors and turning your finger green! Still confident and happy about that purchase? Wish you would have kept your old gold ring huh? Lmao. You wouldn't have known that gold ring was fake until weeks later when water and sweat takes off the shiny and pretty gold plated exterior. 

Well meeting new people and starting relationships is just like jewelry. It's not until many weeks or even months later that you truly start to see the "true and ugly" colors of someone who used to be so "shiny and beautiful" to you. (cool analogy right? yea I came up with it all on my own :-D)

So how are you supposed to know who's "real or fake" if it takes so much time to find out their true colors? Exactly that! It takes patience and time so you should use that to your advantage. One way is being OPEN-MINDED and NOT BEING SO BLIND! And yes I know the saying goes, "Love is Blind", but do you really wanna find out months down the line that the person you're with is completely opposite? Of course not!

I think the real problem lies when people have "real" and don't know it, until all they find is "fake" AND VICE VERSA!

For example, a girl gets cheated on her entire life and a guy finally comes along and is faithful to her but of course all she knows is being cheated on so she pushes him away. Opposite example would be if a guy already has a good girl, cheats on her, they break up and he ends up with a girl who hurts him and does the exact same thing he did to his previous good girl. UNFORTUNATELY, these examples are all too realistic and happens in our society every day. Is it ok? Of course not but we're human and stay in these continuous cycles. 

Lastly, humans DEMAND TOO MUCH "REAL" whether they have it already or not! To reiterate, we are humans so we're nowhere near perfect. But it's demanded anyway smh. For example, I was reading this girl's bio on OKC (per research reasons) and she was like "I wanna man who's over 6 feet, muscular, has tattoos, is loyal, respectful, doesn't cheat, caramel skinned, sexy, has a bachelors degree, lives alone, is close with his mother, wants 3 kids, loves dogs, has a sense of humor, loves romance movies, likes to read, sweet, and has style" 

-__- ummm ok lmao. That girl needs to visit God and personally ask him to build that man because she'll be searching for the rest of her life looking for that EXACT description and i'm 1,000% sure she doesn't have all those qualities herself.

But that's what I mean by demanding too much "real". It's cool to have a preference in a type of man you want and ask for qualities such as being loyal, faithful, or a sense of humor. Those are all the qualities of a great foundation in a relationship. But when you have a list? C'mon now. Throw that shit away IMMEDIATELY! Even real jewelry can break and be melted. What's more important is knowing that someone is worth it and perfect FOR YOU. Pain in the ass and all! Lol.

So next time you go jewelry or human shopping (LOL), keep your eyes wide open! 
You never know…. 

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