My Chipotle Story

I got my Chipotle "cherry" popped! LOL

The restaurant Chipotle seems to be the "fad" nowadays. It's being mentioned in songs, everyone is talking about it, and God forbid let someone hear that I haven't tried it, i'd just be told what "delicious food i'm missing out on" or that "i'm lying about never eating it" *sighs*

So last night my friend took me to Chipotle to try it for the first time and it was uhh..... GOOD. Not mmmmmm finger licking goooooood but just..... GOOD. A step up from Taco Bell if you ask me lol.

It's one of those situations where the built up anticipation (or is this case, TASTE) is better than the results.

I got a chicken bowl with brown rice, black beans, mild tomatoes, and cheese (extra of course!) I don't like guacamole or spicy food so I made sure they didn't add any. I considered my bowl to be very "amateur" because my friend's bowl had most of the ingredients offered! Including a huge glob of guacamole on top, yuck! For the most part I enjoyed my bowl.

The place itself was relaxed and not like 5 star. Just a casual place to get food, sit, and talk. HOWEVER, the line to get the food was SOOO long! It moved kind of fast but still! I was like umm we are gonna wait in that? Lmao. There was a lot of people there. Also, besides soft drinks there's a choice of two alcoholic drinks on the menu... margaritas and beer. I got an apple juice first then a small beer. But I wish they had a bar or more choices to pick from. I guess that's not the type of ambience they're trying to create haha.

Would I go there again? Yeah because like I said the food was good. But I wouldn't eat it every day like most people I know. It's a cool "here and there" type of food. 
Overall I give it a strong 3.5 out of 5!

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