16 things to do if you don't go AWAY for Spring Break!

Most people that go on Spring Break vacation, think that it's an absolute MUST to go away for Spring Break! While it would be nice to lay on the beach in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, or the Bahamas naked... sometimes time, money, or priorities prevent that. BUT. Not going on an exotic vacation doesn't have to be so bad. You'll have plenty of time to do that. In the mean time, you can enjoy yourself right in your own state or city...

16 things to do if you didn't do away for Spring Break:

1. Catch up on sleep!
2. Go to a spa and get a massage.
3. Go shopping.
4. Go on a hot, sexy date.
5. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant you've never been to.
6. Go to the hair salon and do something different to your hair.
7. Catch up/Spend time with family and friends.
8. If the weather permits, go have a picnic at the park.

9. Go sightseeing.
10. Go workout! You'll be ahead of the game because everyone is gaining weight on vacation.
11. Go to the zoo or a museum.
12. Go to a bar and get drunk!
13. Do something you've never done before (i.e bungee jumping, sky diving)
14. Go rock climbing.
15. Book a Hotel for a night and wild out! (with friends or bf/gf)
16. Be ahead of the game and book tickets to go on vacation in the summer! Daydream about it until it happens lmao 

See, not so bad :)

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