To filter or NOT to filter

Wonderful wonderful filters... I wonder who invented these wonderful life-changing filters lmao

I was born in 1990. So literally for half of my life, I experienced NO technology! Yup no iPhones, no wifi, no tablets, no crazy digital cameras, no laptops, NONE OF THAT. If you were lucky (and wealthy) you had a cell phone and a home computer but that's about it!

Kinda hard to believe for those who were born after 2000. But for those who are old enough and lived through the 90's understand exactly what i'm talking about lol. We had dial-up computers that had to be used when the phone line was free. We had Polaroid cameras and the camera you buy at a pharmacy that the film had to be developed. "Selfies" were NON-EXISTENT!!!

I remember when I was like 7 or 8, my aunt who was wealthy, had one of the first Apple Macintosh computers when they first came out and she made me a "Kidz Aol" account. It was a site where you checked your Aol mail and play games and stuff but that's it.

Chat rooms definitely came before "Social Networks" and the first few Social Networks were MIGENTE, SCONEX, and then came MYSPACE years later! Sheesh!

NOW we have social networks and photoshop and SELFIES and FILTERS! Everyone uses them and you can just like alter the way you look entirely. Skin color, pimples, flaws, ALL OF THAT!!

Worst part about this is that it alters the way people look so much that they look like someone completely different in life versus the internet! Talk about catfish lmao.

Otherwise, I think filters are cool if they're used in moderation.

In the 90's these were the only"FILTERS" we knew about. Take that GENERATION Z KIDS LMAO

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