14 Rules when riding the NYC subway

Born and raised in NYC, i've been riding the MTA trains and buses my entire life. It's my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Trust me i've lived in florida and other places and their buses and "trains" suck. BUT.... MTA isn't always sweet roses LOL. And there are definitely "rules" to riding it and people just piss me off when they "break" them. Here are MY 14 rules when riding the NYC MTA subway. Of course there are more but THESE are the ones that piss me off because I encounter them everyyyyyy week!!!

1. I think this is the most important rule: USE MANNERS!!!!! (i.e. Excuse me, Sorry, Pardon me, Thank you). If you're a foreigner and you don't speak english, at least learn these words because if you don't, you may get cursed out for not using proper manners lmao.

2. I understand that in other parts of the world its a norm to stand super close to someone.. So close that u can read their damn thoughts. But in NYC thats NOT okay!!! If room permits, please give the other person plenty of space, at least 3 feet. The only exception is during rush hour because there is no room but theres still limits.

3. Only TWO people are allowed on each door!!! Don't squeeze or stand in the middle of them because then you can't hold on to anything when the train starts to rock and people don't want you grabbing all up on them!

4. If someone has their headphones in, for christ sake, LEAVE THEM ALONE! Everyone isn't friendly so don't get upset if you stumble across a person who curses you out for interrupting their song lmao.

5. Don't sit in that seat with the MTA train map above it unless you don't mind tourists armpits all over your head.

6. Its not a good idea to stand near the doors unless you don't mind being pushed, trampled, yelled at, knocked over, or squished by people trying to get in the train.

7. If you can, try NOT to take the train during rush hours which is 6am-9am AND 3pm-6pm. The train is REALLY packed and most of the time you won't fit in the train so you'll have to wait for another one.

8. If you ARE taking the train during rush hour, your best bet is to start making your way to the door BEFORE your stop. If you wait until the last minute to make your way towards the door at your stop, you may not get out because theres too many people on the train and a lot more people trying to get on the train. Also see # 5 lmao.

9. If the train is too packed, don't try to squeeze in especially if you know you don't fit! You will hold up the train, get dirty looks, yelled at, and if you're lucky someone may push you back out LOL. There's usually another train right behind it so be patient and wait.
10. If you have a backpack on, please TAKE IT OFF! More people could fit on trains if more people took off their huge backpacks. 

11. Don't stare. You WILL see a lot of weird things on the train so try not to stare because if someone catches you staring, they may press you about it LOL.

12. Know that you WILL hear a bunch of stories from many people about why they are homeless and they WILL ask you for money. Sorry but some of them are lying so choose wisely who you give your money to. 

13. Don't sit or squeeze in a seat you KNOW you don't fit in!

14. Although 1-13 are pretty much negative lmao, the NYC subway is actually a great one-of-a-kind experience. There's no other place in the world that has a subway system like ours so take it all in, smile, and have fun!!! :-D

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