What's a Real-Lationship? And Yes i'm spelling it wrong on purpose. A relationship is supposed to be REAL. REALISTIC. I mean assuming you aren't wasting your time forming a relationship with someone who isn't worth it. I'm not talking about dating. I mean a real relationship. People believe that staying in love is hard. That being in a REALationship is hard. I mean itt is challenging. I'd be lying if I said it weren't lol. But a lot of the problems that occur in most relationships (i.e. cheating, lying) are avoidable. Here's what I think a Real-lationship consists of. And shit that we sometimes forget:

It's always being faithful from day one.
It's always being honest, even if the truth hurts.
If you mean it, it's always saying I love you no matter what.
It's never breaking promises, under any circumstances. Don't make a promise you can't keep.
It's always communicating no matter how uncomfortable the topic.
It's always communicating no matter how emotional you may be.
It's always being supportive.
It's learning how to become a better person for your partner every day.
It's arguing and having disputes, but never going to bed angry.
It's never walking away from problems.
It's never making your partner feel like they don't matter.
It's never allowing someone else to come in between you and your partner.
It's making SELFLESS decisions.
It's thinking about future consequences that may arise due to your decisions.
It's NEVER betraying your partner's trust.
It's understanding your partner's flaws and weaknesses.
It's never seeking another person's love and body besides your own's partner.
And unless you DON'T want to be in the relationship, it's committing to your partner 100%.

A lot of people would say "well that's a perfect relationship and that doesn't exist". But I believe otherwise. People are going to fight. People are going to be annoying as hell lmao. People are going to disagree. It's in our human nature! But as long as you remain open-minded, honest, and loyal... anything else can be worked on.

But if not, just leave the relationship. Period. You can always just date someone if you don't want to commit! Never "mistakes", always "choices". Nothing and no one is worth compromising your heart and feelings. 

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Brian Elegar said...

This is great advice. Definitely interesting to read. Thank you for posting.