Light-Switch Relationships

When you're home how many times do you turn your light switch on and off in your bedroom a day? Let's count: You wake up- ON. You leave your house- OFF. You forgot something and need to come back (If you're like me LOL)- ON then OFF. You come back home- ON. You go to sleep- OFF. That's about 6 times a day. And if it's the bathroom light switch, it's literally about 20 times a day. More if you live with other people. That's a lot of times that the light switch will go on and off. Now imagine if your relationship was like that.

Most of us have been in what I made up and called a "Light-Switch Relationship". It's always on and off and on and off. In more appropriately related words; you break up, get back together, break up, get back together. But what happens if you stand there long enough and turn the switch on and off really fast? Eventually it will burn the fuse and/or the bulb and VOILA! You have no light LOL. It's not cool, and if you're anything like my grandma when I did that as a kid, you'll get hit with a slipper lmao...

But that's pretty much how a "Light-Switch Relationship" is. EVERYONE who is in a relationship goes through shit. Good shit. Bad shit. Great shit. Worst shit. And THAT shit will determine whether you stay together and work on it or break up. But the complicated part comes when two people consistently and continuously break up and get back together. What ends up happening? The problems become worst and the relationship becomes unhealthy. Now, if you're the very few people that experience ONE break up and realize that's never the way to go? Great! But for most people, that's when the crazy cycle of break up-make up begins.

Following so far?

SO why do people fall into the cycle of a light-switch relationship? It's usually these 3 reasons:
1. After the break up one person or both people start feeling jealous/selfish because they see their ex with someone else.
2. It's BELIEVED that the person will fix the problem or change that caused the initial break-up so they keep taking them back.
3. Pure Habit.

I'm not here to discuss WHY or WHY not someone should or shouldn't take back someone else. That's an entirely different post and topic LOL. But I want to point out how UNHEALTHY and detrimental a light-switch relationship can be. It doesn't make anything better and time and breaks do not solve anything contrary to the popular belief (i'll post about this later). If you know you'll get back with someone, don't even break up to begin with! And if you know you'll break up and make up with someone like 20 times, don't even bother to keep getting back together. It's just a waste of time and it never reaps good benefit. AS I said before, if you keep turning that light switch on and off, eventually the fuse/bulb will burn and you'll end up with NO light. You'll just have to replace it.

Remember, COMMUNICATION IS KEY! And if you want my opinion on what I think a relationship is worth working on, read What's A Real-Lationship?

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