Can you DEAL with the Cards you're Dealt?

I remember my co worker and I got into a general discussion about life. He asked me "Do you think life is PREDICTABLE?" My initial answer was YES because at the time I felt like a person IS in control of their own life. If you want a good education? You can do that. If you want to be addicted to drugs? Start doing drugs and it will happen. But then as we continued the discussion, I started thinking about my own life.... and that made me have an entirely different answer. LIFE ISN'T PREDICTABLE AT ALL. Curse you! lmao.

So is life really that unpredictable?? I hate cliches but is the saying "You deal with the cards you are dealt" true? Or is it more true to say "It's not about the cards you are dealt, but how you play the hand"? And if so, how do you stay positive dealing with a "hand of cards" that you are given?

Quick Anecdote: I was 21 and still in college when I had my son. Because I immediately went back to school while trying to raise a newborn child and didn't take a semester off, I failed out and was placed on probation. I also couldn't be a mom, a full-time student, AND work so I was virtually BROKE and had to resort to government assistance until I graduated. Moreover, I was in a toxic on-and-off relationship with my son's father. Long story short, I graduated college with honors, landed a great job, and I have an amazing son who's now 4. While it seems like I have a "fairytale" ending, it's not easy being an adult who pays bills and my relationship did not flourish. Something that was out of my control because no one's goal is to raise their child in a single-parent household. However, that was the cards that were given to me and I played my hand. Did I predict my life to turn out that way? Absolutely not. But the best part is that i'm still young, learned lessons along the way, and still learning to "play different hands" while remaining positive throughout.

However, that's just one aspect. There are numerous of things that occur in life that are SOMETIMES out of our control no matter how hard we try to control it. Getting laid off or losing a job, dealing with a death, financial issues, relationship issues, car accident, medical issues, and the list goes on! And it's easy to say some rainbow & sunshine shit like "it'll be okay" or "the road gets better". But realistically, who wants to hear that in midst of a crisis? No one! No one wants to hear "things will get better" when they're broke! No one wants to hear "things will get better" when someone close to them passes away! 

Now, as I previously reiterated, EVERY aspect in life is NOT uncontrollable. You don't have to use drugs. You don't have to be unemployed. You don't have to a product of your environment. You don't have to be negative. BUT as we all know, the universe isn't set up that way. I once read in a book that asked for ONE name of a person who NEVER failed at anything. The list was empty.

Sooooooo the question is how is one able to POSITIVELY deal with a hand of cars they're given? Here's your answer: YOU JUST DO IT. You can fight, scream, and cry along the way. But you step back and strategically play that hand LIKE you have every ACE, KING, and QUEEN in YOUR hand from the deck, even if you currently have twos, threes and fours. 

We cannot predict life. Anything can happen that you may not ask for.
Your best bet is to play the BEST hand with the cards you are dealt and remain positive about the outcome. I mean there are 52 cards in the deck LOL so the possibilities are VAST!

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