False Feelings of Newness

The hardest part of a relationship is staying and dealing with someone AFTER the "newness" feeling fades away. I mean come on. How many of us loveeeee that feeling of being with someone new who gives us the butterflies-in-stomach feeling?! You stay on the phone with them for 5 hours at a time. You text them all day every day. You spend like a hundred hours kissing. And the SEX is awesome. But how long does that newness feeling last? Realistically not long because eventually flaws start to show and you get sick of someone's shit. Not only do flaws start showing, but when you're in a relationship with someone for a really long time (about more than a year and a half), you become comfortable. You become content. And the sad truth is you also become BORING. We are human. We all do it. No matter how bad you try to fight the thought. In a long-term relationship, one person or both people in the relationship become so comfortable and boring that they forget how to be the person that their partner fell in love with, so they start seeking it elsewhere.

More than half of the time, that is why cheating occurs (not saying I condone any cheating LOL). 

So are the those "newness" feelings we get at the beginning of a relationship merely false feelings?? Maybe. It's not all that bad if all you're looking for is fun and sex. But I feel like it becomes detrimental when you confuse those "newness" feelings for LOVE, when you know it's just LUST. Or when you leave your "oldie-but-a-goodie" for a "NEW" thing, thinking shit will be better.

SO here is a simple solution. Try BEING with someone for YEARS and learn all their flaws beforehand, before you call it true love. 

If not, just enjoy the "newness" for what it is, while you have it :-) 

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