Norms of Social media & H-I-A-T-U-S

So in the past, I decided to deactivate my Facebook and Instagram and go on a hiatus for a long period of time. And while I've been just fine about it.... OTHER people literally went crazy and asked me a million questions when they found out I don't have it anymore. As if it's NOT a norm to have social media. WTF??? Then I thought about it. When you meet someone new, besides what's your name and where are you from, what question is almost ALWAYS asked: What's your Instagram/Facebook? 

Now the question is: If you don't have social media, why are you considered crazy or some sort of social outcast? I mean you SHOULDN'T be. But based on people's reaction, i'm starting believe that's exactly what it is. Why do I think that? Let me tell you guys what happened to me on the train on my way home today...

I ran into an old acquaintance from college who I lost contact with. We were talking and catching up on life and then he asked...."What's your Instagram?" I told him I didn't have an Insta. So then he asked.... "Ok so what's your name on Facebook?". When I told him I recently deleted my FB, he LITERALLY asked me "SO HOW DO YOU TALK TO PEOPLE?" UMMMMMM REALLY GUY???? LMAO When I thought he couldn't turn me more off with such a stupid ass question, he says "You have social media, you just don't wanna talk to me" -___- Yup his shrewd comments turned me all the way OFF and I left him at peace out.

Now i'm not saying EVERYONE is engulfed in social media because that's not true. I've met women and men who aren't into it. But MOST people do have some sort of social media and look at others who don't as "different". I mean I get it. It is the times of technology and social media is a part of our culture. But what people are forgetting more and more is that it's not JUST our culture. There's way more to LIFE than "posting" and "liking". I promise.

While a hiatus may not be for everyone, I think everyone should at least try it. Try 4 hours. Then 1 day. Then 1 week. Then even 3 months. And while you're on your Hiatus, LIVE LIFE WITHOUT "posting". Some may find it easy, but there are people out there who can't live a damn minute without it LOL. Keep calm. It'll still be there :)

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