How far will you go for Money?

What's the LEAST you've done for money? What's the LEAST you'll DO for money?? Not the MOST, but the LEAST?

Sold lemonade? Delivered newspapers? Delivered pizza? Uber driver? Bartend? Worked Retail? Stripped? Sold drugs? Worked a shit load of overtime hours? I think the list goes on and on about what you can do for some extra cash in your pocket. Legal or illegal. And I, ladies and gentlemen, am no stranger to the hustle of money-making LOL. No judgement zone here! 

Just like most people, I have been faced with many financial adversities in my life. Some I didn't ask for and some I caused myself from stupidity AKA why the hell did I buy those shoes instead of paying my cable bill?! lmao. So faced with having to pay all my bills and my employment salary not quite cutting it, I started working at a lounge in the Bronx as a "Floor girl", on top of working my full time job for the city.

Floor Girl: Position in which a woman dressed with provocative clothes works the floor in a lounge by bringing drinks to everyone partying and ensuring they have a good time (talking to them, dancing with them). NO SEX or SEXUAL FAVORS INVOLVED. 

Anyway. The owner of the lounge and I disagreed on my expectations and how business should be run so I quit after a month and a half. 2 weeks went by and my bills started piling up again so I started looking at miscellaneous jobs on Craigslist. I found a job working as an office cleaner for a company not to far from my office building and stuck it out there for a few weeks until I had to go to FL to pick up my son from his vacation with my family. 

That's just one example. While I cried and complained to myself at night about how much rich people suck lmfao, I had to stay focused. 

Moral of the story is financial adversities will always arise. You come up, you come down, and come back up again. That's life! But in order to succeed, sometimes you have to put your pride aside and do what you have to do for that extra cash! Find a solution that works for the time being and make it happen! Always know that it's just a temporary situation.

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