How to Support Local Businesses and Friends

I remember being on Instagram and seeing a meme about people who support major clothing lines, artists and celebrities who are total strangers to them; and never support local businesses, talent, and products of friends who are up and coming.

As true as it may be, this definitely upsets me.

Especially when the businesses, talent, or people who are up and coming that seek our support are people we call friends!

Supporting doesn't take much effort. If someone you know owns a beauty salon? Go get your hair done there. If someone you know owns a lounge? Get a drink there. If someone you know is throwing a party somewhere and is charging a fee? Go show love and pay that fee! If someone you know owns a tattoo shop? Check out the talent there and get a tattoo. If someone you know has their song on iTunes? Pay for that song and give their music a shot! The list about how you can support an individual or business goes on and on.

We all have our own bills and things we have to pay for. That is completely understood. And people who ask you for support know that as well. But what I am saying is that if you HAVE the money to buy $200 pair of sneakers or $400 for a concert ticket, you can pay $1.99 for a song or $20 for a pair of pants someone is selling.

If you have a Small Business, Feature, Product, or Talent you would like to showcase, shoot me an Email at KATIRAR@GMAIL.COM and I would love to visit your business, check out your talent, or purchase your product. Afterward, I'll write about it here on my Site!

Let's start supporting the Local Businesses and Local individuals we know!

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