Walk of Shame Stories

AHH Walk of Shame stories. In this lifetime I am no stranger to them lol.

What is the "Walk of Shame" ?

You know when you have the time of your life having wild sex with someone all night... But you fall asleep in their bed and when you wake up, the sun is already out. So you have to do what you can with your messy hair (or beard for men lol) and quickly find and put on your clothes... carefully not to wake the other person up and you call a cab to go home. BUT... that moment of walking to your house you feel like everyone is staring at you and you know they smell the sex reeking from your pores but you don't care because you just had the best 3am sex a few hours ago... Yes THAT is the walk of shame lmao

And i'm sure both men AND women experience it. Maybe a bit differently? But definitely both.

All my walk of shame stories pretty much go the same way. Night of good sex. Fall asleep. Wake up before 9am. Get dressed. Go home. And get stared at by people in the street or by my neighbors LOL. I think the only time this altered was this time I was 19 years old in college and it was winter time so cabs were taking super long. So I had to walk my freezing ass to the MTA subway and some homeless guy shouted me out and was like "looks like you had a GOOD night!" super loud in front of a bunch of people. Embarrassing! Lmao. 

With that being said. Even though it's called the "WALK OF SHAME"... Don't be ashamed and take full pride in that walk! You just got laid! And the people staring at you probably didn't. If you're getting home at 9am then that means the sex was good and that's all that matters because life is too short for bad sex :) 

If you want to share your walk of shame stories, comment or send them to me via email and i'll include them on the site!

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