Kay's Theory of Replaceability

Kay's Theory of Replaceability: The more accesible options someone has, the less they think they have to lose so it's more likely they'll replace what they currently have.

How quickly do you replace something? When it's old? Broken? When you feel like it? 
How quickly do you replace SOMEONE? When their old? Broken? When you feel like it? 

The definition of "Replaceability" is the quality or state of being capable of exchange. That part I didn't make up Lol. We all rememember Beyonce's song "Irreplaceable" right? "To the Left, To the Left.. don't ever get to thinking you're irreplaceable" Lmao. Well that's exactly the point. 

It's in our human nature to always want more or better. More money. Better house. Better. car. Best wife or husband. And it's fine to want the "Best". BUT THESE days, since anything can be replaced with EASE, people are replacing everything and not realizing when it's BEST to STOP replacing even though what they currently have can be PLACED AT BEST. Makes sense or did I lose you? LOL. Let me elaborate. 

You break your phone? Replace it. You lose your debit card? Cancel the current one and replace it. You rip a pair of pants? Throw them out and replace them. Every time I turn on the TV there's commercials advertising hundreds of new cars and phones and a bunch of other stuff to replace what you currently have, even though there's nothing wrong with it lol. And these are just materialistic items. BUT in THIS society and generation my theory of replaceability translates into social relationships. 

For example:

You have a girlfriend and she says something you don't like? Replace her. Boyfriend didn't get you those earrings you wanted? Replace him. Your girlfriend doesn't cook every day? Replace her. Boyfriend isn't showing you enough attention? Replace him. Don't like the way the person eats. Don't like their hairline. Boobs. Penis. Hair. Clothes. The way they talk. Educational level. Job. REPLACE. REPLACE. REPLACE. The list of things that you don't or won't like about someone can go on and on. So what do we do? Replace it.

EVEN BEFORE THAT PERSON ACTUALLY BECOMES A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND. People are replacing at the DATING LEVEL even before they actually get to know the other person. More than likely the reason for this is that their dating a bunch of people at the same time so if a person fucks up ONCE, it's bye bye to them and on to the next one!

Now a lot of people will argue with my theory and say that replacing someone is CHOOSING NOT to settle. Well is it? Or are people only replacing BECAUSE they have options everywhere and anywhere (like social media) to do so. Because nowadays, NEW means HAPPY. Before I go on, let me say that there's nothing wrong with having options. I agree that if you want what's BEST FOR YOU. Dating 1 or 2 people at a time is fine. But the point i'm trying to make is are you being fair with yourself AND the other person about what you're replacing? Or are you only doing it BECAUSE you have options. 

Think about it. If you're stuck on an island WITH NO ONE ELSE and your girlfriend or boyfriend is doing all the shit you don't like. Are you going to replace them? Definitely not because there would be no one to replace them with! You'll most likely walk to the other side of the island upset and come right back LOL. And in due time, you'll probably LEARN TO LOVE all the shit you never used to like about them.

I was raised by my grandmother in a generation that (if possible) would FIX things instead of just replacing them. Let her catch me throwing some shit in the garbage I would get slapped and told that there's someone out there less fortunate who could use it. But that was also in a different generation of LESS COMPETITION (in all aspects). A generation in which FIXING was more important than replacing. A generation in which society didn't promote NEW MEANS HAPPY. And in a generation in which growing old with someone was probable. 

Now of course this is a theory I came up with based on my psychological knowledge, experiences, and observing people. As we know a theory is an idea NOT a fact. So please don't replace my site LMAO :)

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