TOP 10 Most Annoying TATTOO Questions

I got my first tattoo after I graduated high school when I was 17 yrs old. A small peace sign on my inner right wrist and the Sagittarius symbol on the other side of my wrist. I BEGGED my grandma to get those tattoos. "Ma I got my high school diploma. I'm about to be 18 and go to college. Can I pleaseeeee get one *crosses fingers behind back* I promise I won't get anymore!" Lmao. 15 tattoos later, i've fallen VICTOR to the tattoo addiction lifestyle and the sweet sound of a tattoo gun and i'm still getting more. (Love you ma!) LOL.

BUT. You know what really grinds my gears? The QUESTIONS that COME with a fresh work of ink. I'm sure all of my fellow tattoo wearers AND TATTOO ARTISTS can relate. They include:

1. Did it hurt? 
See the thing about this question is, every one has a different pain threshold and takes pain differently. So what may hurt for you, may not hurt for someone else. Therefore it's POINTLESS to ask. But I get it. That person may be curious about what's to come. Annoying part is when you say "Yes", they don't believe you and when you say "No", they don't believe you. So just answer this question with, "THE NEEDLE GOES INTO 1MM-2MM LAYER OF SKIN, PUNCTURING THE SKIN 50- 30,000 TIMES PER MINUTE. Of course it doesn't hurt :)

2. What does it mean/symbolize?
Just answer this question with "IT'S A CLEVER VISUAL METAPHOR USED TO PERSONIFY THE ABSTRACT CONTRAST OF THOUGHT'. I got this from the show Spongebob Squarepants. Trust me. Gets em' every time. Lmfao.

3. How much was it?
I think people ask this question hoping you'll say somthing cheap like $20. SMH. A good QUALITY tattoo is going to cost money. YOU-GET-WHAT-YOU-PAY-FOR. Save up for something nice. I mean it is on your body for LIFE.

4. WHY did you get it?
Most of the time we get tattoos because it tells a story and means something significant in our lives. That's the beauty of tattoos. And most of time, it's awesome to tell your story to those who ask. BUT when you're constantly asked WHY, sometimes you just want to say "UGH Because I felt like it" :)

5. What shop do you get it done at?
Because you're actually going to go there. Smh. But i'll tell you anyway! Tell them I sent you. Thanks.

6. Can you call your tattoo artist and ask when I can come in?
Last time I did this, I booked an appointment for someone to get some work done with my homeboy at his shop. And that person never showed up. So guess who my homeboy got mad at? Yup me. SO NOW, I give the name, address, and phone number of the artist to the person interested. Feel free to book yourself LOL.

7. You think your tattoo artist can give me a deal?
Again. A good quality tattoo is going to cost money. People forget that being a tattoo artist is an occupation too and most artists LIVE off of the money they receive from tattooing. 90% of the time if you continue to go to the same artist/shop you'll receive a DEAL for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER anyway. Tattoos are not handouts or a Deal-R-Us. Please stop. Lol.

8. What tattoo do you think I should get?
Tattoos are personal. Your idea. Your body. So you shouldn't ask others what to put on your BODY. Besides. Even if you tell someone what tattoo they should get, what's the odds that they'll listen to you anyway? LOL

9. Do you realize how bad/ugly your tattoos are going to look when you get old?
Oh you mean AWESOME?!! Yes i'm aware. And becacause "tattoos" are what you're worried about when you are 60+

10. Are you going to get any more tattoos?

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