Giving Head could never be like going to the Dentist's

My birthday was a week ago so as a gift to myself, I decided to get a teeth whitening. Unfortunately for me, I was told that I could not get the whitening treament until I got a teeth cleaning. So, I called up a dentist office in the area where I work and luckily there was an appointment available. The last time i've been to the dentist was a few years ago when I had to get a tooth extracted. I am NOT a frequent dentist visitor because i'm terrified of them. I think most of us are no? Lol. I digress. 

After work, I attended my 5pm appointment and the receptionist tells me that I have to get X-Rays because I am a new patient in that office. Okay cool. I can do this. Let's do it! 
I don't know how long ago it's been since you guys visited the dentist, but now x-rays are taken electronically in which a small rectangular piece has to be placed in the mouth to take a picture of each tooth. First tooth. Did it. Second tooth. Did it. Third tooth. Did it. THEN the technician placed the piece into the BACK of my mouth to take a photo of my molars and he unleashed the worst gag reflex! My eyes spread open and in tears, i'm thinking WTF is this!!?? In the great words of Kevin Hart, I wasn't readyyy! After he apologized and asked me if I was ready, he stuck the piece in again and I gagged... AGAIN! I was so appalled! And thinking out loud, I accidentally said OUT LOUD "GIVING HEAD DOES NOT FEEL LIKE THIS!" The X-Ray technician awkwardly laughed and cleared his throat and says "well i'm sure!" Top 20 embarrassing things that occurred in my life thus far by the way. Lmao.

Before the men of the world go on and start judging, let me be the first and sure not the last to say that giving head to a man is not as easy as giving it to a woman. Try sticking a banana all the way down your throat and let me know how comfortable that is lmao.

Anyway. Ehm. Ehm. (clears throat... no pun intended) lmao. 
So why is that someone who rarely chokes and gags during oral SEX, severely gags and chokes during an oral dental X-RAY procedure?? Here's MY hunch and where I get a little scientific. HEAR ME OUT... 

I came up with the The Pleasure versus Non-Pleasure factor

When a woman is giving oral sex, she's NOT paying attention or focusing on the sensitivity of her gag reflex because providing pleasure is the focus at that moment for both her and her partner. But when you're in the dentist office getting tools put in the back in your mouth (especially if you hate the dentist) the focus at that moment is being uncomfortable and nervous. NOT pleasure. Hence, the gag reflex feeling overly sensitive. 

Furthermore, the gag reflex is exactly that - a REFLEX. And "reflex" is defined as "a response in a part of the body to stimulation of another corresponding point in the body". In the examples I provided, the gag reflex is present for both oral sex and X-rays. So my theory is that the stimulation of pleasure during oral sex outweighs being uncomfortable. Whereas, there is no pleasure present during x-rays. Just being uncomfortable.

Think of it with an activity you like to do. I'll use dancing because I love to dance Lol. When you're at the club dancing, you don't notice how tired you are or how achy your body is because AT THE MOMENT, the focal point is having fun. But the minute you join a dance class that you've never tried before and are around people you've never met, your focus is not having fun but probably being nervous. So much, that you won't perform as good and you'll begin to notice how tired and achy your body starts feeling! 

And you can apply this to all aspects in life! Not just oral sex and dentists haha. When you ENJOY or like doing something, you'll find yourself being better at it than things you DON'T enjoy doing. 

So there you go. Although your mouth is poked and prodded for both (ALL puns intended) lmao, giving a man head could never ever ever ever ever be like going to the dentist. At least only for those who enjoy head and don't enjoy the dentist. Haha. 

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