Is what the world can't see, NOT reality?

My grandma who raised me, is a 60 something retired woman who is very invested in the events that occur in my life, especially on social media. Which is just a fancy way of saying, she is nosey as hell and a bonafied lurker! lmao. So a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from her asking me if I dropped out of my Graduate Masters program. I told her no and asked her where she got that idea and she tells me "because I haven't seen you post anything about it on your instagram"....
First thought that came to my mind is i'm unfollowing this old bat asap lmao, my second thought was do I post that much?? And my third thought was are my grandma's thoughts, what everyone feels???

It's not a secret that Social Media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook have become a major part of our society and culture. We literally take photos and videos of almost every moment that occurs in our lives and share them with the rest of the world. Literally....

Wake up, post. 
Driving or on public transportation, post.
At work, post. 
Go to lunch or dinner, post.
Go to school, post.
Headed to the club, post.
At the club, post.
Drinking, post.
At a show, post.
Go on vacation, post.
Hanging out with your children, post.

Don't worry I think most of us are guilty of it Lmao. But then, there are some people who post SO MUCH that we know everything about their life. So much, that eventually we know shit before they even post it!

Eventually, some people become absorbed with other individuals' lives BASED on what they post... or at least what they THINK their life is, based on posts. For example, Someone posts their children all the time? We think they're a great parent. Someone posts their relationship? We think their relationship is perfect. Person posts vacation trips every other month? We think they're incredibly wealthy. 

Now all of those things could be true. But the point here is does posting it automatically make it TRUE? Let's be frank, we all know someone who posts things but their life is exactly the opposite of what they post... like "cmon bro we know that's yo momma's car you're flexing with" haha. 

And let's say you're someone who DOESN'T post every moment of your life, IS WHAT THE WORLD CAN'T SEE, NOT REALITY?? If you NEVER post your children, does that make you a bad parent? If you never post vacations, does that mean you never go on them? If you never post your significant other, does that mean you're not happily in love? 

Of course not! But with social media theoretically being "leaders" in our society nowadays, what the world see's has been made to be correlated, or connected, to what's REALITY!

I don't ever want you guys to believe I hate social media or think it's absolutely negative, because it's not! But I do think we have to remember to use it IN MODERATION and not every moment, every day. Let's remember to leave some curiousity and mystery to our lives... Can't kill the cat that way :)

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