Stop Faking, More Coming

Based on a study featured on ABC News, about 75 percent of all women never reach an orgasm from sexual intercourse ALONE and 15 percent of women never have an orgasm PERIOD! (ABC News Orgasm Study)


To the men that's currently reading this, the last woman that you had sex with probably faked her orgasm. And to the women currently reading, you probably faked your orgasm with the last guy you had sex with. Tough-Pill-To-Swallow lmao. 

Here's an interesting story. A few weeks ago after work I went on a date, a cool restaurant/lounge in Manhattan, with a guy whom I was interested in. The vibes were positive and the conversation flowed effortlessly. Now it may have been the drinks, hookah, and/or the fact that he was a free-spirited and outspoken Sagittarius like myself lol, but somehow the conversation ended up about sex and orgasms. He confidently made a comment about how good he was in bed and his reason was based on the number of women he gave orgasms to (which are most guys' reasoning). Well-aware of the bubble I was about to bust, LOL, I informed him that most of the women he had sex with faked their orgasms. Once he used woman's body shaking and the panting of "i'm coming, i'm coming" as evidence to these orgasms reached, I knew my sentiments were correct.
So for experimental reasons and to further examine my point, I asked the woman sitting next to me (yes a complete stranger) when was the last time she had a "real orgasm". At first she looked at me with the "oh my God did she just ask me that" face and was hesitant to answer, but after explaining why I wanted to know she admitted that it was 3 MONTHS prior. Then, I asked her when was the last time she "faked it" and she answered a few DAYS prior. Case-in-point! Boyyy you should have seen the look on my date's face! Priceless! Lmao.

Obviously ONE woman's answer is not enough to prove the point for millions of other men and women having sex, but it proved the point I needed to make at that moment. 

Now we've all seen the restaurant scene in the movie "When Harry met Sally" in which Sally fakes an orgasm to make a point, correct? (If you haven't you should) Well that is precisely how it happens. However, based on the conversation I had with my date, I started to believe that the problem is some men really think that women faking their orgasms DOESN'T happen with THEM! Welp. I guess i'll be the first to tell you that MOST women have successfully mastered the art in faking an orgasm. As OBVIOUS it is to some people, there are still many people who are OBLIVIOUS to this.
Now here's the the good news and my point. WOMEN DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ORGASMS EVERY TIME WE HAVE SEX IN ORDER TO CONSIDER IT "GOOD SEX"! While reaching an orgasm is optimal and the goal, sex can be considered GOOD without it. For example, there were many times a guy rocked my world but I didn't cum. Was the sex bad and pointless? Not at all. But it just wasn't "enough" to reach my magical "O". Make sense? Here's proably why:

The ABC study included that 98 percent of men "always" reach orgasms. Scientifically, men procreate by means of ejaculation. Therefore, men NEED to ejaculate in order for a women to become pregnant. BUT, women DO NOT NEED to ejaculate in order to get pregnant. So technically speaking, a man's ejaculation/orgasm is imperative for procreation while a woman's ejaculation is simply "decoration" (haha totally made that up).

Does that mean MEN DON'T fake it?? Absolutely not! I'm sure there are men who fake it as well. Reasons i've seen are because of bad sex or simply because they want to go to sleep LOL. 

So with that being said, the magical question here is how would men EVER know a woman really had an orgasm if she can literally FAKE every aspect of it? Honestly, men would never know lmao. If an orgasm is what a women wants then it is up to her to be HONEST and communicate if she came or not and stop trying to put the man's EGO over her PLEASURE. That way, both parties can come up with ways to help the women reach her magical "O" because believe ME, it's possible haha.

So there you have it. HUGE DISCLAIMER TO THE WOMEN: After reading this men may try extra hard to make you cum, allow them to. They're "ahead"... all puns intended LMAOO


matrix365 said...

This was hilarious and very informative..

matrix365 said...

This was hilarious and very informative..