9 ways to deal with Rejection aka the Wicked CURVEBALL

In the game of baseball, a curveball is thrown by the pitcher with the intent that the batter won't HIT.
Well in the game of DATING, a curveball is thrown by someone with the intent that YOU won't HIT!
Another one of Kay's famous analogies haha.

When someone rejects you, or what in New York City has been coined the term "curves" you, is embarrassing, sometimes heart-breaking, and terrible. It can happen when you're dating OR if you're already in a relationship with someone. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly and unfortunately it seems to always happen when you REALLY like someone. Bottom line is no one likes to get curved lmao. Nonetheless, it happens to the best of us! MEN AND WOMEN. (Yes women get curved too)

For instance, I vividly remember being thrown my first "curveball" lol. When I was in my first year of college 8 years ago, I used to see this guy on the train who I thought was the flyest and cutest thing walking. I wanted him bad! You know when you form a crush on someone you see ONCE so you pray and hope to see them again!? Well it was like that. I began seeing him from 1-2 times a week and eventually began seeing him daily. After what felt like forever of trying to muster up the confidence to talk to him, I finally did and said a corny "HI DO YOU RIDE THIS TRAIN OFTEN?" like I didn't notice the fact that he saw me staring at him almost every day lmao! Long story short, he told me I was pretty but too tall for his taste (i'm 5'11) and that wicked curveball lead to a STRIKE OUT! I was so hurt to the point where I started asking higher powers why I was cursed with height LOL. I eventually got over it with the help of a guy who saw my height and thought I was the sexiest thing walking, and I never questioned my height again :)

So to help others with rejection AKA the wicked curveball, I came up with 10 ways to deal with it:

1. Don't disrespect or curse out the person who rejected you. I understand being rejected hurts but disrespecting or cursing someone out only shows how hurt you really are. Instead, tell the person something like.. "I still think you're amazing anyway", smile, and walk away! Trust me on this lol.

2. Don't have sex or get into a relationship with the bestfriend of family member OF THE person who rejected you. It screams "fatal attraction", desperate, and comes off as you settling for the person closest to them. There is too many people in the world for that. I understand the world is small and there is a possibility of it happening but c'mon now lmao. 

3. Don't beg! There's a difference in SHOWING someone you care about them and begging. Rule of thumb is if you have asked at least THREE times, that's it! IDC what The Temptations said about it. IDC if Urkel got Laura after 10 years. Shit nowadays if you ask TOO many times may cause you to get a restraining order and/or handcuffed (and not the good kind) lmao.

4. (Speaking of restraining orders...) Don't stalk them! Ever! Yes that includes following them home! LOL.

5. Don't share your rejection on Social Media. Period. Write your feelings in a journal or something instead lol.

6. Share your feelings of rejection with a close friend or family member. There's nothing like that good ol' conversation with possible laughs to help cheer you up.

7. Release your rejection-frustration into an outlet you love to do (i.e dancing, painting). It'll take your mind off of it. 

8. Remember that IT'S NOT YOU! Everyone has a preference. You just may not be THAT person's preference. But it doesn't mean that you aren't good enough entirely.

9. Despite previous rejection, don't allow it to stop you from future endeavors with future love interests. "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again!"

As harsh as this may sound...being rejected is a part of LIFE. And it's definitely a part of dating. I mean the ultimate goal in dating is to find someone who is perfect for you, right? So you have to understand that you may have to "STRIKE OUT" and go through a few people who aren't perfect, in order to find YOUR perfect. Make sense?

Learn how to lose in the "First Half", so you can apppreciate winning in the "Second Half". Take your time.... baseball has no game clock :) 


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