Easter egg hunting or Dating?

On Easter when I was 12, my mom asked me to take my 5 year old brother easter egg hunting for his first time. We grabbed our baskets and began searching for eggs. Being 12, I understood the weight that eggs put on a basket so I only picked up a few. My brother on the other hand, started overstuffing his basket! I'm like "bro you can't put all of those eggs in your basket, you're going to break the basket." At 5 years old, he obviously didn't understand the weight aspect I was referring to. So he looked at me with a puzzled expression and said "Why not? The more eggs I put in my basket, I win and get to take all of them home". I replied, "if you continue putting too many eggs in your basket, it's going to break and you'll no longer have a basket". Still with a puzzled and now mischievous expression, he disregarded my warning and continued overstuffing his basket until....SNAP! I heard the basket break and my brother started crying because all of his eggs fell. Some eggs broke, some didn't. Being the mean older sister I was LOL, I walked up to him and said, "I told you not to do that! Now you have NO basket and you can't have mine. What are you going to do now?" I kid you not, through his tears he replied "fine, i'm going to grab my favorite egg and carry it home to show mom". I said, "but bro you just picked up over 15 eggs, why are you choosing THAT egg?" And he finally said, "out of all of those eggs it's my favorite. It has cool designs on it and it happens to have all of MY favorite colors!" 

Smart kid lol. 
Growing up, most of us experienced easter egg hunting. You search for different colored and designed eggs to put in your basket for fun or in competition. You may have to swap out and choose eggs over others because you know you can't keep them ALL. You know that if you add too many eggs to your basket, may cause the basket (and some of the eggs) to break. But at the end, there will always be THAT ONE EGG that shines over the others. 

Well the process of DATING is a lot like easter egg hunting. Think about it. You get to know different peoples' Flaws. Favorites. Hobbies. Family situations. Occupations. Goals. Pet Peeves. Weird shit they do behind closed doors. Everything possible you need and want to learn, to PICK the one person you potentially want to spend the rest of your life with.  Throughout the process you may drop people, get dropped lol, and hearts may break; but (hopefully) in the end you'll meet SOMEONE who will shine over the others. 

With that being said, you know I have to mention the english proverb, "don't place ALL your eggs in one basket". Most of us know it right? And we know that it LITERALLY can be applied to the process of hunting for easter eggs because your basket WILL break if you overstuff it with eggs. But does the proverb and concept apply to the process of dating? When dating, it is a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket or in this case, is a good idea to date a bunch of people in your life at once? And if so, how many people DO YOU place in your life until you figure out who's your favorite in order to eliminate the rest?

Well it all depends on what your INTENTIONS are and whether you're looking for something serious or not. IF you're NOT looking for anything serious by all means I am a firm believer that you should place as many "eggs" in your basket that you're ABLE to hold and handle. If you're single and not looking for a relationship, there's nothing wrong with dating as many people as you want! However, if you ARE looking for something serious, than it's not such a great idea to date a bunch of people at once. For example, when I finally began dating two years after my last relationship, I was dating like 10 guys at once lmao. I figured I wanted my odds to be better in finding love. What started happening INSTEAD was I began forgetting guys' names, background stories, occupations, and couldn't keep track of one from the other. AND even though I was completely honest about my situation, if one guy found out about the other it turned really ugly. More importantly, I didn't have TIME for that many people in my life. So from then on, I decided that I would only get to know 2-3 guys AT A TIME...IF THAT LOL. SO, the last thing you want to do is fill your basket with too many "eggs" and may cause your basket to break, or in this case cause a broken heart...or worse a broken nose haha.

Therefore, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and identify what your intentions are before you go hunting, so you know how many "eggs" to pick up. If you just want to juggle and show off your pretty eggs, then by all means pick up as many as you want! But if you just want just ONE egg to have and to hold close, then pick the egg that compliments your cheesy ass Easter outfit and carry it home. Whichever route you choose, just remember not to overstuff and break your basket. You can't fix eggs once they're broken and you can't fill up a damaged basket :)


Jumbojoel_ said...

I liked the comparison. Especially with forgetting individual things with certain people. It also becomes overwhelming
because you find yourself making so many plans with no time for yourself.

Auron Jones said...

Great blog post !!!! I'm new to this whole dating thing so your insight is very valuable to me thanks again !!