10 signs someone doesn't want anything SERIOUS with you

We've all been there. You meet someone. They're sexy. They have eyes that seem to sparkle and a smile that would light up a room. They're easy to talk to, the VIBES are amazing, and their personality is great! You feel like a winner when the level of attraction is mutual and you start thinking, "this is about to be my future wife/husband and the other parent to my future kids, SCORE!" lmao. You start getting to know and spending time with them but something seems off. Now you're left feeling confused and kind of sad because you thought everything was all good but now you don't know what's going on.

Well my friend. Sounds like this may be signs of the classic case of someone not wanting anything serious with you. Now don't confuse THESE SIGNS with the signs of classic friend zoning OR signs that a person just isn't into you. They differ because in THOSE signs, that person doesn't want anything to do with you AT ALL. In THESE signs, the person DOES want something to do with you... just not anything SERIOUS. So here's 10 signs that someone doesn't want anything SERIOUS WITH YOU:

1. There's no DATING involved. You go to their house. They come to your house. You have sex and have a great time together. But going out on an actual date is minimal to NONE and they never mention it or seem bothered by it. In fact, when you mention going on a date they disregard it completely.

2. They don't want to meet your parents or friends and have no interest in you meeting theirs.

3. They don't QUESTION who you're currently dating or having sex with.

4. They aren't INTERESTED in getting to know who you are and don't ask any questions about your life.

5. They don't mind seldom or rarely seeing you. 2-3 times a month is enough for them and they never complain about the infrequency.

6. They hardly text or call you. The only time they do is a simple "hello, how are you", "what you doing", and/or "are you free to come over".

7. They HAVE NOT, WILL NOT, and DO NOT mention anything pertaining to you and their future. Why do so... they figure you aren't going to be in it LOL.

8. They 're not exclusive with you. They date, talk to, and have sex with other people as well.

9. They LACK A SELFLESS attitude in dealing with you. Everything is about them and they don't allow you to make any decisions pertaining to the situation or "relationship".

10. They blatantly tell you that they don't want anything serious with you OR AT ALL. Now if you don't believe them or think you can change their mind... is on you. And a whole different story.

Anyone had an "AH HA" moment while reading this? LOL. Like I said we've all encountered this at least once in our lives. If you meet someone who you like a lot but have a gut feeling that they may not like you as much to want anything SERIOUS with you, than listen to that gut feeling; they probably don't. You have two choices: ASK them if they want anything serious with you OR pay attention to the signs and decide whether you want to stay or leave. ALWAYS REMEMBER, You can't make anyone want something serious. And your damn sure can't make anyone want something serious WITH YOU! Just move on and find someone who wants the same thing you do :)

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