Generation of Sexual Generosity

It's very safe to say that THIS generation (after 2006) compared to previous generations (before 2006), is very GENEROUS when it comes to sex. If you are reading this and believe that "SHARING IS CARING" is appropriate during relationships or have engaged in a threesome at any point in your life, then you may be generous and i’m NOT talking about sharing food.

To begin, let's define "generous". The word GENEROUS according to the new oxford American dictionary is showing a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected. The synonyms listed? LIBERAL, FREE, GIVING... sounds like sex in the last 12 years to me lmao.
Think about it. Most of us in this generation have become sexual GIVERS. (Receivers too lol, but definitely more givers). Most people go out of their way to make sure their partner feels good. This includes giving oral sex, ensuring your partner climaxes first, and trying new things that you wouldn't normally do on your own. Here are other aspects of sex in our society that has CHANGED since 2006:

  • Most teenagers are losing their virginities and having sex at younger ages.
  • The terms "SEXUAL ADDICTION" was coined, is very commonly used, and is now a psychological diagnosis.
  • Most birth control and condoms are FREE and are more readily available.
  • The Plan B pill is available over the counter.
  • Porn is free and easier to access (There used to be a time when you had to pay for VHS tapes).
  • People discuss sex more openly.
  • Movie topics discuss sex more openly (50 shades of grey?)
  • BDSM and S&M are practiced more often (50 shades of grey?) LOL
  • Female bisexuality is at an all time high.
  • Male bisexuality is at an all time high.
  • Infidelity is at an all time high.
  • Sex ROBOTS have been invented and sold that can replicate HUMAN SEX.
  • Sex on the first date is no longer a taboo (especially if you read my previous article).
  • More orgy's and threesomes are occurring... and the list goes on!

So here's an interesting fact that may be used to contradict my argument: Evidently, the United States birth rate has STEADILY DECLINED since 1960, and EVEN MORE since 2007 (here are the numbers for my fellow statistic lovers: HOWEVER. Does this mean that people in this generation are having less sex or have become less generous with SEX?? HELL NO! If anything we as a generation have become MORE generous because lo and behold!... the STD rates have increased since the 90's (

We have definitely become a GENERATION OF SEXUAL GENEROSITY. Am I here to argue whether it is a negative or positive thing? Not at all. My point is that this generation has become generous with sex. PERIOD.

Shit I think i've become more "generous" myself haha. It could be older age or my freedom due to being single for such a long time, but I find myself wanting to have more sex and try different ventures with different people before I decide to settle down in a relationship. And is that wrong? If you are a double-standard pompous shit who thinks women should be housewives and only have sex with one male partner their entire lives, it is. Otherwise, it is perfectly normal as long as sex is practiced safely. Here's a great example: last year I was dating this guy I met through a mutual friend. One time we were at a bar in the city and he saw me looking at women who walked passed. I am sure he saw because at some point he asked me if I were bisexual in which I honestly answered YES. He replied, "Cool so am I! I hope that doesn't scare you away" ....AWKWARD SILENCE lmao! OMG at first I was caught off guard because that had never been told to me. But after I digested the thought, I was completely fine with it. So fine that I followed up with many questions including the obvious "why did you choose to be bisexual?" His answer: "THE MORE, THE MERRIER" lmao shit, I respect it! A lot of us feel that way! 
Furthermore and my strongest point on this topic, THIS generation in comparison to previous generations literally have sex at our fingertips 24/7. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to social media lmao sighs. There are over 50 apps and social media websites dedicated to dating, relationships and yes, SEX. Tinder. Bumble. Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook. Blackplanet. Migente. Backpage. Black people meet. Christian Mingle. All dedicated to creating wonderful social, human interactions in order to facilitate the goal of intimacy and having sex! While the creators of these websites and many people who use them do not have the SOLE intention to have sex, it's not realistic to believe it doesn't happen. Unless you are celibate or a virgin until marriage (which I support 100% so kudos to you), sex is at least ONE of the goals in mind when you create an account. As a result, getting sex these days has become easier and has caused us to become very generous. Do we have to have sex? Absolutely not. We do it because WE WANT TO. Getting sex via social media accounts has also made it very convenient and it is no secret that us humans love convenience. 
With that being said, i'm interested to see if this generation will maintain its sexual generosity. Maybe it will increase and open doors to other aspects in society? Who knows. I'm also curious to see how future generations will turn out... ALL PUNS INTENDED ;-) haha

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