The "Stronger Things" t-shirt cause was created after a binge watch of the show Stranger Things on Netflix. As a result, I decided to use my love for the show and turned it into a cause for children. Instead of just asking for donations, I believed it would be better to provide a product that will remind people of the goal forthcoming. Half of the proceeds of the "Stronger Things" t-shirts will be donated to children who are financially underprivileged in the South Bronx of NYC. The other half of the proceeds will go towards opening up a Development and Fun Center for adolescents that will also be placed in the Bronx, NY. Please purchase a T-Shirt below and donate to an Awesome cause! 


"STRENGTH is the key that allows us to do whatever we have to do to surpass the thresholds of life's power. The same key that allows a parent to provide for their child. The same key that allows a child to form great dreams and goals for their future. The same key that allows an underprivileged individual to strive. The same key that allows an individual to finish school or start a business. There is nothing more valuable and reinforcing than strength. Not just in a physical aspect. But more importantly, mental. 
                                                                                                                     -Kay. Ramos